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The Ritz Carlton of high schools on the East Coast. Some would tout Highlands in comparison to the popular Laguna Beach Orange County HS. A place where gucci, armani and abercrombie and ficth are standard as school uniform. The parking lot is a goldmine filled with Jags, Chrome rims, and your garden variety of Mom's and Dad's 50 G cars. Football team blows but no one shows up for sport, they show up to be noticed. If you've ever seen Mean Girls then you can imagine the taste of the Highlands social environment. Don't be mislead, money doesn't grow on trees, but it seems to flow out of daddy's wallet.
Despite the aristocracy, don't get me wrong...our girls are the hottest on the east coast, our parties can only be explained by Ludacris when he says "(area code)201...so much green, so much fun", and if i didn't mention our girls are one of a kind...
So if you ever move to the 201, be a fuckin' legend, be a Highlander.
"yo that girl is fucking hott wheres she from"
"you cant handle her.. she goes to northern highlands"
by highlandsss February 15, 2009
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