2 definitions by hhhhhhkkhhh

sexy internet legend and more famous than you'll ever be 🧿 👅🧿
if PATRICK 👦🏼 is naughty 🍆💦 he is going to hell with MOMO 🔥🔥🔥
by hhhhhhkkhhh March 28, 2019
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Uyen is meaning a very smexy chicken nugget queen! She's very tasty and cool unlike you.
Boy : Ohhhh that Uyen is so hot, shot gun

Girl :Uyen is my best friend and she prefers chicken nuggets over you.
Boy: But... Uyen's soo damn smexy !!
Girl : I know right, she's such a smexy chicken nugget queen!
Boy: I'm gonna ask her out.
Girl: Racist!
Girl: Uyen he's gonna ask you out!
Uyen: Oh no, but he eats his boogers!
by hhhhhhkkhhh July 19, 2018
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