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Another way of describing a person who was unfortunately gifted with being both incredibly annoying and horrifyingly ugly. These people are generally unpopular and known for sticking their abnormally large noses into other people's business. Most people know of at least one person in their lives, if not more, that can fit this description. So here is a fun, new, innovative word for them!
friend 1: Yo, you know that Kim girl?
friend 2: Oh yeah, dude. I don't like her at all.
friend 1: Bro, she's so annugly.
friend 2: Wtf, annugly?
friend 1: Annoying and ugly!
friend 2: Haha oh yeah, that's a perfect word for her!

friend1: Your girlfriend is so annugly, bro.
friend 2: Dude, I know. What the hell do I do?
friend 1: Leave her ass, bro. Get money, fuck bitches.
by heyitslaurenn October 17, 2010

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A word that can be used in place of legit when legit is not good enough for the situation. A word that you can use after finding out something so shocking and unbelievable that legit just will not do.
girl: I have to tell you someting
boy: yes?
girl: im pregnant...
boy: lefuckingit?
girl: ...yes
boy: oh fuck..!
by heyitslaurenn December 06, 2010

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