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A small town in western mass when everyone knows each others shit commonly known as SOUTHWICK. It's filled with a huge amount of fat sluts and girls who wear clothes that are way to small for them. Theres nothing to do but fuck ugly people and smoke weed. The partys are always at carsons and they are extremly gay. Everyone is constantly stoned and has the muchies. During the winter every girl tans and all the guys drift their shitty redneck cars. Theres a big footed girl running around this neck of the woods so catch her if you can. hop on your dirt scoots and round her up! The whole town is divided into 3 categories. By the lake= lake rats the people who live close to granville and the rich people who live in deer run.EVERYONE is scared of the purple van driven by mr.d dont be afraid if he tells you to wait in the closet.
some dude in southwick: Lets go get some arnies and some buff chick pizza dooddee hey
by hey kids its mr. Biggles December 02, 2010
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