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Hannah loves music almost as much as she loves food. She'll spend all day doing stuff thats pointless to others (like her mother) but really important to herself. When she wants something, she'll get it herself instead of relying on others. She loves her family and friends more than anything. She has colored eyes and enjoys art and anything handmade. She loves animals, and can connect with them more often than she can connect with humans. She understands people close to her much more than they can understand her. She's sporty and puts her all into the things she does. She is commited to things that are important to her & is busy most of the time. Hannahs are always true friends to those who are true to her. It takes a lot for her to trust someone. So if she trusts you, you're special. People often think of her as something she isn't untill they really get to know her.
Hannah is really quiet, but she's so amazing when you get to know her.
by her best friend. December 01, 2012
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