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A county in Maryland. Despite it getting a bad rap by snobs around DC and Baltimore, who have never been here, it is one of the fastest growing counties in the state (along with our neighbors Charles and Calvert County). We are the birthplace of religious freedom in the United States and St. Mary's City had the first coffeehouse in North America. St. Mary's resident Margaret Brent was the first woman to act as an attorney in North America. Home of the stuffed ham. Home of Patuxent River Naval Air Station...where many astronauts got their start. Without St. Mary's, Maryland would never have existed. We have rural areas as well as suburbs. We are a bedroom community for Washington DC for those who don't want to deal with Montgomery, PG, and Howard County's yuppie crap.
Person 1: Oh man, you are from St. Mary's County...aren't you all a bunch of hicks?

Person 2: No, my dad tests fighter jets and my mom is a computer systems designer. We drink lattes here too you twit.
by hellomeboy March 12, 2009