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A book that is the basis for Christianity and all its derivatives. The Bible frequently is bashed by people too ignorant to understand its nuances and who have probably never even read it. These neanderthals say that the Bible is disproved by science, but what they don't understand is that science SUPPORTS the Bible and its principles.
As a Christian, I own a copy of the Bible and understand the underlying principles of it.
by hayguys November 01, 2007

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You guys are idiots. Guitar Hero and the "real" guitar BOTH take incredible amounts of skill. I would know; I play both. So until you can melt faces on plastic and authentic, quit trying to rag on everyone.
Guitar player: "dudeman guitar hero is so gay, itz not nearly as hxc as teh real guitar."
Guitar Hero: "stfu noob you can't five-star a song on Expert."
Rational person: "God dammit, you BOTH have skill. Quitcher bitching."
by hayguys November 02, 2007

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The Sawx are not merely just a team, they are an entity. Locked in an eternal battle with the Evil Empire from New York, the Red Sox have recently gained the upper hand on their nemesi. You know, what with winning two World Series in the past four seasons. And oh yeah, they did pull off the biggest comeback in sports history. The Yankees are a choking hazard and their fans seem only able to recall past baseball prowess. Said fans also say that the Red Sox suck because they've only won seven World Series, but the Red Sox have won the third most championships of any team in the MLB.

Oh yeah, and they won the division this year.
Red Sox fan: Dude, the Sawx are totally wickahd. They won the Series this yeyah.
Yankees fan: Oh yeah? Well, the Yankers won it in 2000. So the Red Sox suck.
Red Sox fan: Well, who won the last one? Bitching.
by hayguys November 01, 2007

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