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A phrase uttered when a rich and/or famous black person does or says something so stupid that it can be viewed as an embarrassment to the entire race. Can range from a ridiculous comment to a stupid action, or anything that helps to further the stereotypes against blacks. Often puts even-keeled blacks in the tough spot of hating some of their own, while simultaneously keeping YT in his place. If these people were not rich and famous, they would be able to exist in obscurity as the idiots that they are, drawing very little attention to themselves except for when they inevitably end up on the local 10:00 news over some dumb shit.

Taken from the Rick James episode of Chapelle's Show. Rappers and pro athletes are the most common targets of this remark. Watch 106 and Park or any major celebrity event on BET, and you'll be saying this quite a bit.
*turns to 2009 BET Awards*

*Sees Soulja Boy*

Me: "They never should've gave you niggas money!"
by hatestupidity June 29, 2009
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