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Transportation for all bands including marching, symphonic & jazz band going to a competition, festival or showcase. Trips that may last hours crammed into a burning hot bus.

events that happen on the band bus include:

1. singing the worst of songs at the top of your lungs and loving every moment of it
2. telling band jokes
3. half naked kids of both sex getting dresses or undressed in uniforms as fast as possible
4. helping people dress & undress
5. laughing for no apparent reason
6. making out with band buddies
7. dancing
8. screaming
9. playing truth or dare
10. jumping over seats while the bus is in motion
11. reciting the lines to every movie you can think of
12. eating the worst of junk food
13. sleeping on top of others due to no room
14. Singing your parts in your music while the rest of the band sings to theirs
15. drawing on your music
16. drawing on each other
17. sharing memories of past band bus rides

& the list goes on......

"What happens on the band bus, stays on the band bus."
by hatabor19 July 16, 2008
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