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A prog-rock band formed in the late 60's that had huge hits in the 70's, won a heavy metal grammy in the 80's, and still rocks and tours in the new millenium. Always known for complicated lyrics, rhythms and time signatures. Jethro Tull has mellowed over the years, but they still pluck a mean mandolin. Fronted by Ian Anderson and Martin Barre. Unfortunately this important group has been totally ignored by the brown-nosing hacks at the lame-ass "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame".
Tull (Jethro) = Jethro Tull

Hippie: "Man, Jethro Tull was bigger than the Beatles and the Stones back in the day and they're NOT in the fuckin' Rock Hall of Fame!?"

Stoner: "Yup, but who the fuck cares. The Hall of Fame is a complete sell-out, lame-ass, ass-kissing, political, bullshit institution, man."

Hippie: "Man, yer right, I guess. Hey, don't bogart that joint."

Stoner: -----
by harleyroscoe August 08, 2006

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A family of birds with a reputation for efficient breeding.
The Partridge Family (Mr. & Mrs. Perdix perdix) has twelve chicks and an egg on the way and live in a modest nest down the street. You know the type.

by harleyroscoe August 08, 2006

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