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Badass sword owned by the one and only Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach. In its shikai form the sword looks kind of like a giant butcher knife. In its bankai form it's a long, black katana. And its persona is that of a scruffy-looking man in black who is TOO BADASS TO ACCURATELY PUT INTO WORDS.
by hanatarou March 18, 2005
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Abbreviation used for the pairing of the Yu-Gi-Oh characters Kaiba Seto and Jounouchi Katsuya. A favorite yaoi coupling of YGO fangirls. Kaiba and Jounouchi are paired up so much because in the show and manga they hate each other. Kaiba's usually the seme.
"Good." Joey still sounded nervous, but his movements became more assured, firmer as his hand stroked Kaiba's length.
by hanatarou March 18, 2005
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Japanese, best translation comes out to "soul cutter." Supernatural weapons used by shinigami in the popular Bleach manga/anime. Each zanpakutou has its own power and persona. Zanpakutou purify Hollows and send spirits to Soul Society. Although, they're also kickass weapons that have two forms of attack (releases). There's the shikai and the strongest, bankai, which can do anything from crate a giant-ass monster thing to giving you a badass yakuza look :p
Did you see Renji use his zanpakutou's bankai?! It was sweet!
by hanatarou March 18, 2005
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A freaky monster from the Bleach manga. A Hollow is a fallen spirit that is born from a regular spirit (plus) that has lingered in the living world after death too long. After awhile, a plus (especially a lonely and desperate one) degenerates into a Hollow. Hollows are huge, freakish monsters with strange masks that hide their identity. They seek out other spirits and humans in order to satisfy their loneliness by eating their souls.
That Hollow just came out of nowhere!
by hanatarou March 18, 2005
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Hot, sexy, and badass main character of the hit manga/anime Bleach. Bugged by most about his bright orange hair. Inherits shinigami powers from the shinigami Rukia and continues her job of fighting Hollows with his big-ass sword :D
Ichigo is one badass shinigami. He cut that Hollow in half o_o
by hanatarou March 18, 2005
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