11 definitions by halo2

its when a person with a choad get a boner and fucks some fat guy with it
your a choad boner ma'am u better reconize
by halo2 May 3, 2005
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some one who can use boogers as lube + tgey like to punch there own dick and are capible of sucking it toand if they dont feel like doing it them self january knols can for them
by halo2 April 5, 2005
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a very porerful god in morrowind who has the power to summon an amber rose and molest her twice at once
derekderek derekderdkderel derek
by halo2 April 5, 2005
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worthless shithole from hell with hitchens as saitan the cock sucker!
i think that they should lower price of lunch and not be such a punk bitch!
by halo2 March 7, 2005
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