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North Kingstown is a good town in RI. It does have its ups and down. people judge nk by our school they do not relize what our school liked like befor... and yeah we might be rich but we are not brats. At nk there are preps, goths, hippies, white people who thing they are black, and gangsters. It is like any other school. they unifom is jeans collard shirt and blood shot eyes beucase like everyone smokes. Jamstown is part of our high school and is the spot to be to get crunk! and our school is beter than all of yours (people reading) so get over it

other school ( HEY! what school you go to)
Nk ( North Kingsotwn)
other school ( oh nevery mind)
NK ( well you dont understand us.. wel and we kicked your but in like all sports!
by haley24 April 08, 2006

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