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Formally a great hacker. X0G used to own a website called losercheats, which he was a total idiot/n00b and didnt even know how to get to his documents! then one day he somehow gathered all the knowledge he could together and became great and a legend. X0G's biggest goal was owning every MySpace band profile by exploiting the embed tag when a band had it blocked. X0G was the owner of the popular site called l0sers, it was a good success but had to be shutdown, it was then sold to the person "Ranthom" who is carrying it on today, but the legend of X0G still remains...
Owner - November 04 - August 06
"We've reported you to the FBI, you're going to jail"


"phear dun post here i dun like u"

"Wtf? I cant get to any myspace music profiles, i hate you stupid no life faggots"

Owned by X0G...
by hai2u August 22, 2006
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