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boy: borrowed sisters skinny jeans, usually ugly, wears makeup, trys to borrow the emo and punk look, claims their hardcore, thinks their individuals (but their not), and sometimes wears black nerd glasses. can be seen at thrift stores, hot topic, and malls. they can be heard saying that their poor (but their parents are rich) and their emo. CAN BE MISTAKEN FOR A GAY PERSON

girl: uses same skinny jeans as male counterparts, usually hot, wears loads of makeup, claims their hardcore, thinks their individauls, and usually have hair dyed with random colors. Can be seen at Hot Topic, thrift stores, malls, rap concerts, and trying to be emo. cannot be mistaken for a lesbian.

Both: claim their emo and hardcore, wear a lot of black, dye their hair with random blonde or neon colors. Have about half the songs on their ipod scremo and emo music (incase anyone wants to know whats on their ipod) and the other half any music they like (usually rap, but sometimes pop). care deeply on what you say to them and how they are preceved. males usually stay out of fights and are pussys. both may wear random shirts that have childs stars (big bird, cartoon charactors, and movie stars) on a bright colored shirt. everything else is black. sometimes can be seeen with a "I <3 punk" shirt, even though they are preppy. generally the kids who jump on whatever is cool.
me and a true emo chilling: oh s*&t! not those scene kids again

scene kids: hey can we chill with you guys??? were emo and punk to!

us: no... no you cannot. now go be dushbags somewhere else...
by hahaha i had sex with your mom December 05, 2009

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