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A newbie playing crappy ass starwars games that are lame and totally suck. He likes being an asshat and a complete n00b. He wants to marry his computer and make love to its hard drive.
Guy 1: Do you know codys26?
Guy 2: Yea he is an asshat and is pwned everday by guitarmandan.
Guy 1: Yea he needs to take a bath with a toaster.
by guitarmandan April 01, 2005

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An awesome player at blizzard games. He pwns all n00bs,especially the ultimate n00bie of all n00bs codys26.
He plays guitar and is in the kick ass band posthypnotic.
Guy 1: Dude do you know that awesome guitarmandan dude?
Guy 2: Hell ya he pwns codys26
Guy 1: Hell admit it though, even a retard could own codys26.
Guy 2: True but he does kick ass anyway.
by guitarmandan April 01, 2005

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