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when you see a really pretty, beautiful and hot girl or boy and you try to talk to them, but after they open their mouth, you run away. It's either the smell, awful teeth or just crazy low man voice (for a woman) that scares the shit out of you and makes the illusion of pretty face disappear forever.
A: hey look at that girl, ain't she hooooott?
B: go talk to her!
A: omg no her teeth look like they belong to a cow

A: hey look at that boy, ain't he hooooott?
B: go talk to him!
THE BOY: Hey, how are you?
A: omg no, i could smell all the garbage in the world from his mouth. Let's just get out of here. He's a real mouthllusion.
by grumpyme February 21, 2013
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Is a game where players get paid for simulating injuries and best rolls on the floor.
It's also known as the bank, as the players get paid millions of dollars, although the world is in crisis and people who work their ass off every day of their life, don't even earn enough money to survive.
A: will you watch football today?
B: naah I'm tired of watching the professional "fallersontheground"

A: hey they offered Ronaldo almost a milliard worth contract to switch teams! His pinky is worth my whole life salary.
B: and all he does is change his earrings, do some tricks, laugh to the cameras, act arrogant and occasionally give money to poor (although he never really faced that) for people to think that he has a good soul and deserves to cost more money than there even is on earth.

football ronaldo money ball fake rich poor million
by grumpyme February 21, 2013
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