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a collective noun for a group of hipsters, as in a murder of crows or a pack of wankers.
"Have you seen those fellas over there? The ones drinking ale out of a boot with froth on their waxed moustaches. No, not them, the one with the Edwardian top hat next to the lad that rode in on an ostrich, that cringe of hipsters stood at the bar"
by grumblah July 18, 2019
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Burning the shambles of a house by pouring more petrol on it. What he expects is either the past to be sundered so there is no proof OR that the fire will burn brightly enough to cast him in a benevelont glow. Death pile.
Jacob Rees-Mogg says "I want S*n readers to write to me and tell me of ANY petty old EU regulation that should be abolished."

If you attempt to cover up past mistakes, though simultaneously distance yourself from them, you create a death pile.

𝐍𝐁 - Rees-Mogg was complicit in the break from EU regulation.
by grumblah February 10, 2022
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