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When two people (who love each other very much) wish to partake the act of bukkake but are uncomfortable with inviting others. As a result, the man will save the efforts of his masturbation in a bottle over a period of time. Once a decent volume is accumulated, the couple will make love and upon finishing, the man will blast on the woman's face while simultaneously pouring the bottle on her. he may either pour it on her, use a spray bottle, squirt gun, or just plain throw it. It must be noted that considerable effort must be used to keep the bottled bukkake at the right consistency and temperature for usage.
Wife: cum on face please!
Husband: no problem darling.
Wife: well golly gosh that sure was great but do wish there was more.
Husband: wait just a minute there sport. Let me grab my handy bottled bukkake. we'll have your face looking like a glazed donut in no time!
Wife: wow you think of every thing!
husband: and its great for your skin too!
by greenspartan4572 June 02, 2012
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