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"Screwed, Blued and Tattooed" comes from various English speaking Navy's, beginning with Europe, and means that you are syphilitic and that you will likely die a slow ugly death.

"Screwed" means the obvious; sexual intercourse.

"Blued" means the administration of the "blue pill"; a tablet containing Mercury, used to treat syphilis which was pandemic for several centuries, and which resulted from the above "Screwed" activity. Sailors are likely the vectors who introduced syphilis to Europe where it became known as "The Pox", was essentially untreatable and the source of much misery and suffering.

"Tattooed" refers to the fact that sailors, at certain times in history, were marked so that they would not be press ganged into service in Navys other than their own. Sailors in those times were essentially "property". The very act of tattooing, done by one sailor to another, generally ensured the further transmission of syphilis, even in the absence of "Screwed". Tattoo's became synonymous with syphilis. Those with tattoo's were to be physically avoided, due to the possibility of cantagion.

And if, when you're a little boy, your grandmother takes you by the hand and drags you away from someone with a tattoo while telling you to "stay clear of that filthy tattooed man", it sticks with you.
You're one of us now you scurvy dog, no woman will have you, there's no life left but the sea. You're Screwed, Blued and Tattooed.
by grassman August 3, 2012