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Roll On the Floor Laughing But Not Really Because I Can't Roll On the Floor Laughing While Typing
Person 1: *Steps on a rake and gets hit in the face*

by Grapejelly April 05, 2007
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A great speed metal band. Whoever says Iron Maiden is a crappy heavy metal band is an asshole who can't get their facts straight, and don't know that they are a speed metal band.
Person1: Iron Maiden is the worst heavy metal band ever

Person2: Get your facts straight before you go dissing bands douchebag.
by grapejelly September 23, 2006
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A term applied to an overweight or obese male who suffers from frequently masturbates multiple times each day. Often referred to as chronic masturbation, a flabberjack usually masturbates 20 or more times per week.
"Look at that fat kid Jake. He's clearly a flabberjack."
by GrapeJelly February 13, 2014
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