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children of boomers born from about generation from about 1977 to age old enough to remember 9/11.

gen y began with corporate watered down versions of gen x music (hip-hop and heavy metal,) after the shit load of that swedish music and boy band phase of the early gen y kids. For this many gen y kids have turned to their parents old albums from the 60's and 70's.

pampered by our boomer parents to do good and go far in life sociologists predict a backlash.

gen y has been said to be a clone of gen x, but there are notable differences.

gen y rewrites the rules and works around authority rather than go against it like gen x. This will lead us to get higher in corporations and better paying jobs that gen x was forced to do. Also gen y knows the impact of money.

early failures are that of SUV's fuck those gas guzzlers that kill the air. Hummers and are for ass holes.

blah blah blah we grow up and die
then fertilize the world
we were raised by grand theft auto!
by grandeur July 15, 2005
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