2 definitions by gostlcards

1. Renamed Sportsman's Park until its demolition in 1966.
2. Busch Stadium II from 1966-2005.
3. Busch Stadium III from 2006-.
Busch Stadium III is going to be so awesome.
by gostlcards June 8, 2005
A suburb of St. Louis, Missouri with a population of 32,884. It is rapidly growing and has the 3rd largest land area of any city in Missouri behind Kansas City and Springfield. Most everyone here is a fan of the Cardinals and Rams. Rams coach Mike Martz lives here, near Chesterfield, MO as well.
Wildwood is pretty big, but has a lot of forests and weird-looking bugs, so I don't go into the forest. Go Cards!!!
by gostlcards June 8, 2005