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a dish only midwesterners will know that grandma's cook for almost every meal. a meal with tater tots, frozen vegetables, ground beef served with a shit ton of ketchup on it.
gramma barb: did jeet

jackson: ope, no what's for dinner tonight aye

gramma barb: alrighty, pop and tater tot hotdish dontcha know
by gordon_ramsay_enthusiast April 11, 2019

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Shes a super funny and loud girl who’s spontaneous and creative a lot of the time. Many want to be her but she probably doesnt see that or understand why. At times she will doubt herself. But she has fire in her heart and she always speaks for what she believes in. That gets her into trouble though because sometimes, she just needs to keep her mouth shut. Dont ever let her go because that will be the biggest mistake of your life.
That girl Mia, shes a real keeper. I want a girl like her who can make me laugh 24/7.
by gordon_ramsay_enthusiast February 18, 2021

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The redneck version of never basically. You werent late and you ain't late so therefore you were never late. w’ain’t late boissssss!
Examples: "I w'aint late"
by gordon_ramsay_enthusiast August 04, 2019

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