1 definition by goombasta

The beholder of the smallest penis in the world. Usually associated with stealing ur girl, like actually STEALING, if seen protect your girl. Fouad is the absolute BEST pilot in the entire middle east without a doubt. He truly knows how to bring 2 buildings down in a matter of seconds.

Fouad is loved by all the men in Saudi-Arabia due to his beautiful brown moustache that curls down to his 9 toes.

In honor of Fouad's divine work... The word "Fouad" has been declared the official word for "giving anal sex to two men at once". Fouad is a global hero.

Fouad typically calls himself a man, even though he was mistaken for a woman at birth. Finally, anyone who's name is Fouad always thinks that the "Dieci" is better than my wheels.
1) "Fuck you Fouad!"

2) "Is that Fouad?"

"Yeah, he is such a Fouad!"
by goombasta June 24, 2021
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