1 definition by goofoffgoose

A peace-loving people that seeks a eutopian society. A lover of music, art and nature. Most hippys make something with their hands(clothes, soaps, jewelry) and have given up on a conventional life. People who love their country but are not afraid to question their government. Misrepresentations of hippys. 1) Not all hippys do drugs and when a real hippy does do drugs it is typicaly a natural substance(ie pot, coke, shrooms.) Most, like me outgrow this phase. 2) Not all are as liberal as you think. I for one own guns, it is our right. We simply dont believe that our government is doing enough to combat the injustices of our society. If anything they are feeding off it. 3) we are not all broke. Seeing as most of us have gone to college, eventually, we graduate and get a job. 4)We are not all animal rights activist or vegans. Animal rights activist can be violent, and hippys dont believe in violence, we do love animals but would not blow up a building to prove that.
Although some hippys choose to take up a cause or not to (by doing alot of drugs) you cannot lump us all in to one catagory. Trying to find two snow flakes that are just alike is impossible. A good hippy takes care of their body and their "Phamily" and donates something to society. All of us love our music and love our Phamily. And yes, we do love our homemade clothes, drum circles, dancing barefoot, festivals, and discussing religion and politics until dawn.
The world could learn a lot from a hippy...
by goofoffgoose February 22, 2006