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someone from anywhere in the world but mainly rural southeastern united states and rural canada. sost rednecks like myself love nascar. apparently most rednecks like pro wrestlin but not all. all rednecks are hard workin folk who earn everything they have. we are very smart people n can figure most anything out. rednecks enjoy the outdoors n would rather be outside than inside. cept for me it is way to cold right now and wish i could be fixin my car n truck. rednecks are the most polite people you will ever meet n enjoy time with family and friends. not all rednecks are drunks dip n smoke. rednecks do in fact shop at walmart cept walmarts gone to chinese and aint american enough for most anymore so i do my shopping by getting clothes from the nascar races. we are almost all good at computer stuff. rednecks dont all listen to country, i listen to rock n metal. rednecks tend to be God fearing Christians that attend church weekly and enjoy nascar afterwards. rednecks are the most patriotic people in america and will defend this great nation to our death. rednecks also tend to be very conservative and hate big government. we take no offense when northerners make fun of us, we just laugh and go on with our day. think before the next time you laugh at us, who is the one that knows how to fix a car without a car shop, whos the ones that actually have to work at work, whos the one that grows the food and other what nots that feed your family. respect rednecks and well respect you.
rednecks put food on the plate without breaking the bank... hell im a po-e-tic redneck!(cant spell, sorry, but yes i do have a college education, just dont need it for what i do like most rednecks)
by gojohnson48 January 13, 2011

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