3 definitions by glenbruce

Large set women with weight issues.
That Gary would bounce anything... Gary even thinks Thunderbirds are "go".
by glenbruce January 11, 2010
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the tell-tale arc shaped scars left below breasts as a result of cosmetic surgery.
Are they real bro?? Nah man, check out the jockey bites...
by glenbruce August 11, 2009
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A tonal inflection suffered by male singers influenced by the vocal style of Pearl Jams' Eddie Vedder.

The effect is a mildly scowling, muffled, "out the side of the mouth" sounding vocal with long dramatic notes favored. Sufferers seem to be seeking a overtly masculine sound.

Famous effected artists: Scott Weiland, John Butler, Xavier Rudd, Chris Cornell, Scott Stapp.
Yeah, the song writing is pretty good, but the lead singer has a severe case of The Eddies.
by glenbruce November 19, 2009
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