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A Dark and mysterious male, usually hard to get close to. He has really dark hair and pale skin. He loves the color black and when he is in love he can be really charming and caring. the person to show you love the most in your life when he is your lover. you can depend on him and he will always try to make you feel better if you are upset. nothing is more important in his world, he gives his whole life to protect you and love you. he is a very sensitive person, and can easily mistake situations. Whenever he is hurt he tries not to show it and put on a strong face instead. he is a very attractive person who is amazing in bed. he will make you want to get married after he says i love you. he can make you feel secure and loved, because he would love no one else.

do not piss him off because he is quick to anger and is a very strong fighter. you will be sorry if u make him upset or if u annoy him in anyway.

he is a cold person, usually not smiling, but show anger instead, other wise emotionless. He does not let his loved ones go. He is manly, handsome, sexy and has beautiful eyes. they say his eyes glow when he stares at you with love. he is temperamental and goes through mood swings a lot. He loves to read and likes a bit of romance in his relationships, this is to express his feeling to his mate. once he lets you in as a friend or lover, you will see that he is one of the best things in your life.
person 1: "is that zayo?"

person 2: " i think a chill just ran up my spine"


zayo: " i will sacrifice my blood just to see you smile"
lover: "i love you zayo"
by girlslovehimalot July 12, 2011

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