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anal sex that is incredibly messy and generally enacted when one is black out drunk, or impaired in some way. a dirty sanchez will generally occur during the act of a korn diggity session. this term is often used in the past tense (i.e. "korn diggitied). this phrase can be used to describe any messy anal sex act, whether it occurs between a straight couple, gay couple, fuck buddies, or drunken bros. it is not regarded as something one is proud of doing. the day after engaging in an act of korn diggity, one will usually end up facing a walk of shame.
oh, no, i broke up with (insert male name here) because all he wanted to do was korn diggity me. i'm just not into it.
by gidget gangrene November 21, 2010

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"playing the slots" is simply a term used to describe two women having lots of oral sex.
it can be used in a variety of ways. a woman that is in a lesbian relationship (especially a new one) and suddenly has no time for her friends, could be described as "playing the slots", especially if she herself has never been in a lesbian relationship, hence the operative word "playing". another time when this term can be used is when a lesbian is hooking up with many different women, thus playing the slots. "playing the slots" is also something that straight or bisexual friends do when they get bored. when one asks the other if they want to "play the slots", it is generally out of boredom.
by gidget gangrene November 25, 2010

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