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A town just east of the nation's crime capitol, camden, NJ, and just west of the pinelands(aka home to hicks and the jersey devil). But here one would never suspect such henious happenings, as long as you overlook the stoner on every other corner. Overpopulated with yuppies and white trash, the area is certainly what one would call diverse. In marlton, the empty shoppingbags blow like tumbleweeds through the abandoned strip malls that cower in the shadows of new strip malls. Marlton is home to Cherokee High School, a curious institution in which can be found a mixture of stoners, jocks, hookers, goths, preppies, skaters, wiggers, freaks, emo's, and dumbasses, all living together. If you ever feel the nerve or need to come here, I strongly suggest that your rabies shots are updated and you get tested for herpes when you leave.
-"Does that girl have herpes?"
-"She must be from Marlton."
by getmethehelloutofmarlton May 03, 2005
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