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to defy your parents and ride a horse into the sunset, shooting arrows as your hair flies in the wind. Usually accompanied by not marrying anyone you're supposed to.
shut up dad that guy you arranged for me to marry is gross and im gonna pull a Merida.
by gender avenger August 07, 2013

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gender-neutral term for niece/nephew
lol omg ok so look at this picture of my niblet arent they too cute???? ITS SO UNFAIR UNGH
by gender avenger January 20, 2014

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Pronounced ger-mer-fl-er-ben , it is an extremely slurred pronunciation of "gamer friend". It is a gender-neutral version of girlfriend/boyfriend, and denotes that nothing really goes on during time together that doesn't involve gaming (be it board games like DnD or videogames).

it is also fun to say
"hey ma im gonna hang out with my Geermerflerben today; he just got a new gaming setup and im gonna break it in", or "Sorry guys but me and my Geermerflerben gotta skip out of the raid on Mogu'shan Vaults"
by gender avenger August 10, 2014

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Gender-neutral term for the person you're dating.
"my smooch and i are making ice cream sundaes tonight and watching adventure time in bed"
"How's you and your smooch doing?"
by gender avenger January 05, 2014

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