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Probably the best band of all time. Not very well known but they have made a few the best songs EVER MADE which include: Tyler, Possum Kingdom, Away, I Come From the Water, and Dollskin. They also have made one of the best albums EVER made which is Rubberneck.

The Rubberneck album came out in 1995 in which the toadies went on tour with Bush. They started making another album in 1996 but it got delayed and eventually came out in 2001 but the band split apart starting with the bass player, Lisa Umberger who was an Ewok for the starwars movie.

The awesome lead singer was Todd Lewis; he started a new band not to long ago, with drummer Taz Bently, called Burden Brothers.
person1: "Have you ever heard of the Toadies."
person2: "No, I actually haven't"
person1: "Dude, you haven't lived yet even though you probably heard their songs on the radio all the time in the 90's"
by gelbbauch October 17, 2005
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