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The code name for a pedifile that has cannot be caught because he knows when your awake. Think about it...first he watches children to see if the are being "naughty" or "nice" then on christmas eve he breaks into home in the middle of the night, leaves "presents" for little "boys and girls", eat ALL the cookies and drinks up all the white stuff then leaves with a sadistic "ho ho ho".
kid1* did santa claus come to your house last night?
kid2* i...i don't wanna talk about it *bursts into tears*
by gcgdpunk January 13, 2006
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Greenday is a classic punk rock band whos been around forever. They are gonna be the next rolling stones doing tours all over the world when they are old and wrinkly. Their best songs are the goldie oldies such as LONGVIEW(my fav song), minority, warning, platypus, and geek stink breath!
person1* billie joe is awsome and really knows how to get the crowd goin!
person2* Tre'cool is the best Hes the funniest guy
person3#shut up guys. its the music that rocks. Green day rocks my socks off
by gcgdpunk January 09, 2006
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