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Glenbrook North is located on the North Shore of Chicago residing in Northbrook. It is ranked in the top 10 schools in IL.

Most students at GBN well-off white Catholics or Jews.People for the most part are pretty nice, although they get shallower with the years. People like to exaggerate about how hard GBN is, but it is only hard if you're taking 6 AP classes out of 8 periods.
Almost all of the students are involved in GBN in some way, shape, or form through sports or clubs. There is a club for EVERYTHING, and if there isn't a club to support your interest, it is not at all hard to start your own because students are pretty open minded and supportive of each other. GBN's rivals are Glenbrook South and Deerfield. Granted, GBN does have some not-so-good sports, but the best ones are basketball, swimming, soccer, volleyball, hockey, and lacrosse. OK so we're good at a lot of sports... What can we say? On the other hand, the fine arts program is also top-notch, and the collaborative musicals put on every year between GBN and GBS seem almost professional.

GBN's facilities are state of the art and constantly undergo renovation. Teachers are very helpful and generally do their best to give students extra attention during their office hours if needed.

Overall, GBN is one of the most well-rounded and greatest schools on the North Shore. Go Spartans!
Glenbrook North Student: Sooooo excited for HC! Wait $70 for the party bus, right?
by gbnspartans March 14, 2012
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