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peter parker (spiderman) when tony stark (iron man) dies after using the infinity gauntlet to kill thanos for the second time.
spiderman: Mr. Stark, we won
pepper: *tries to hug spiderman* its okay kid
by gaythiccboiii May 1, 2019
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a prescribed treatment of slamming a book on your dick or shoving a book up your vagina depending on what you have
i like to give myself the book treatment
reallll sexy boi
zach is also gay
by gaythiccboiii March 6, 2019
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when your vehicle speed exceeds 35 MPH on a wet road or in the rain and your tires start to ride up on the water.
"yo bro, lets go vehicle-skiing and go yeet my car"
by gaythiccboiii May 2, 2019
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what spiderman felt when he saw ironman die.
"did you see endgame yet? bro, ironman died and spiderman had the big sad"
"awww heck. big oof"
by gaythiccboiii May 1, 2019
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