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A homosexual that is overwhelmed with joy when presented the opportunity to sleep with countless men;
The police brutally slayed the sejje.
by gary sanders March 27, 2005
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A Time period that most people wish they were born in. For some odd fucking reason, this time period is the shit, and everybody born in the 90's loves to brag about it. But to my knowledge, they only like the 90's because of repetitive, shitty cartoons that they watched as a child. Shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Pokemon are some of the shows that were first aired in the 90's, even though all of these shows are still happening today. Also, people born in 1999 like to consider themselves part of the 90's. if you know of one of these people, please feel free to bitch slap them in the face.
Wait! you weren't born in the 1990's! Sorry bro, we can't be friends because you have no idea what a good show is.
by Gary Sanders June 18, 2015
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