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A species in some ways similar to homo-sapiens, but with a few major differences.

1. No reproductive organs, only the unquenchable urge to be as creepy as possible to avoid any possible sexual encounters.

2. Only seen with a finger in a hole in a girl's pants or hiding behind people at all times.

3. Frequent use of the chicago concrete jungle (look it up) on himself and using that as sustinence to live.

4. Inability to say words loud enough for people to hear, and also not able to provide enough blankets for peoples in need of warmth even with blankets in close proximity.

5. Constant schoolage by John Alfred Miller IV on pricing of beverages.

6. Main predators include leprachauns, orange monsters, and John Stamos. Oh, and Chuck Norris and Jack Bauer, but they're givens.

&. Unnaturally hairy ass cheeks. Also used as magnets for ice cubes.

7. A Furcock has a genetic makeup that is complete opposite of the Kool aid guy, because the cool aid guy is so ridiculously awesome and disgusting without sugar.

If you ever encounter one, the suggested course of action is to make sure all genetalia is safely secured and not to go into defense mode until the threat of a Furcock has passed, Many people have been unknowing victims of brorape by these inhuman vile creatured. Also it is legal to kill onsite if you have a gun or other long distance weapon.

Its blood is just creepiness disguised as a red liquid.
Innocent Bystander - OMG A FURCOCK DUCK!!!

A Furcock - (Heavy Breathing)

Bystander - AAHH (goes into coma)
by gaggerrrr April 28, 2007
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