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That sweet spot of the Venn Diagram between a trusted loyal best friend and the fun times favorite friend (the one you want to spend time with). While the best friend may be who you go to for problems or support or comfort they may not be your first choice on a Saturday booze run. While on the other hand your favorite friend would be the ones you hang out with for good times, they tend to be gossipy and not good with secrets. So the clitoral friend is the sweet sweet mixture of both of these and far superior to either by comparison.
Person 1 "While I do have people I consider best friends and all that, I usually just go by favorite friends, best friends are not necessarily favorites, or sane."
Person 2 "So where am I?"
Person 1 "The sweet spot of the Venn Diagram."
Person 2 "The Clitoris?"
Person 1 "Precisely, you are my Clitoral Friend"
by g4ost August 21, 2009
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