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1. (n) of or pertaining to the sub-human class of yard ape characterized by a large frontal lobe, wide nose, and underdeveloped intelligence. Nominally human because of the opposable thumb that allows the phil data to sign other nigs to 50-yr interest only loans.

2. (v) to place balls on one's chin

3. (n) a mythical creature of Afriacan descent that lives in trees. Often seen as having a man's head and a dog's ass and is therefore known as a 'bitch-ass nigger'.

1. Dat loan offisuh jus' signeded me but I finks he phil data'd me.

2. Dude that chick looked all phil data when I gave her the roman helmet.

3. That wasn't no leprechaun in those trees, that was a phil data!

by g-g-g-unit13 July 27, 2006
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