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To be a slave to your woman.
Matt Davis Is So Pussy Whipped.
by G-Dawg March 28, 2003

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A woman who queefs a lot.
Fat chicks are fun to bang, but most of 'em turn into Queen La Queefa if you try to hit it from the back.
by G-Dawg May 29, 2003

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Large, flappy labia.
"Dude, look at those hangers! She's sporting a real beef curtain."
by G-Dawg May 27, 2003

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The first Strong Bad e-mail.
by G-Dawg August 23, 2003

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A pioneer in the field of drug exploration, famous for her experimentation in the sixties. Referred to in many rap/hip hop songs. Also a slang term for marjuiana.
"You got any Lady Kate?"
by G-Dawg April 13, 2004

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A vaiation of the "shocker."
Forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger inserted into the vagina, pinky inserted into the rectum, thumb stimulating the clitoris.
Your pinky becomes the dog's lower jaw, and your thumb becomes the dog's ear.
by G-Dawg May 27, 2003

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