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A hilarious phrase that is not supposed to be funny, but actually meant to be a G-rated exclamation of surprise or amazement used by LDSers (aka Mormons).
One Mormon girl to another Mormon girl:
"Oh my heck! You're having another baby! That's 14 now isn't it! Joseph Smith would be proud"
by funwithc4 March 2, 2009
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An acronym used by Mormons that stands for "Choose The Right". Obviously they are not talking about choosing the right contraceptive method since they all have a billion kids so they can populate their own planet for all time and eternity. Though Mormons will swear up and down that they are Christian, they couldn't just use the acronym that Christians use (WWJD: what would Jesus do) because they don't really care about Jesus, but instead, are obsessed with Joseph Smith, a crazy magician who read magical tablets telling him to start a new religion. Brilliant.
Mormon girl to another Mormon girl at singles ward: "Oh my heck, I really like your CTR bracelet. I hope you get married soon."
by funwithc4 March 2, 2009
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