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Somebody who has an annoying ring tone such as "warning it's the wife" and works in an office environment, is deemed as "twatty". They also like to wear a "comical" jesters hat and go by the name Rick (with a silent P).
"tut, how twatty are they?"
by funnyas May 19, 2009

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“You’ve been Nessy-ed!” is the term used when you unwittingly make eye-contact with the person in the office that tells repetitive stories in a mono-tone voice. You have already heard the stories several times during the course of the morning and have waited until given the all-clear by your colleagues that it is now safe to enter the kitchen. Too late, she has already spied you and you are now drawn into the mind-numbing adventures of caravans, mini-cooper rallies, pet chiwawa, not forgetting the recent perilous tales of having cortisone injections into her frozen shoulder. This experience is comparable to stories of water-torture endured during during the 16th Century.
“Oooooo I bin ‘avin terrible trouble wiv me’ shoulder..!” Help! I've been Nessyed
by funnyas May 21, 2009

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