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Have you ever sat and lay around all day in your pyjamas and watched jeremy kyle, eating processed foods? On this very same day have you moved to your bedroom and done the exact same thing? At this moment did the question "what am i?" pass through your mind? Well here is the answer my friends. You. Are. a. Sinky.

a jobless, educationless yob who finds comfort on the couch, watching 16 and pregnant whilst chowing down on skips or any kind of meal that requires a microwave. This type of minion can also be seen in the local town centre, handing in cv's which contain incorrect grammar. On a day to day basis, i would say a sinky is the kind of human that you would avoid becoming, it is not hard to do so and you could in future literally be just like a sinky ... gaining a severe case of facebook fever , skipping showers, SAGGING etc..

tips on not becoming a sinky ...
- wash
- have a watch at all times
- sleep

save yourself, while you can!!
sam sinclair - sinky
by fukyaaa April 20, 2011

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