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Also known as Miley Whorus, Smiley Walrus, Miley Hoes-R-Us, and (sigh) Hannah Montana.

Most known (by teenage boys, and 50 year old couch potatoes living in their mothers' basements) for her oh-so-glamourous self-portrayal in only her underwear.
For someone who makes so much money, it sure seems like she can't afford pants. & some tops, for that matter.

So from all of us here in the real world, we'd like to congratulate Miley on her instant success as masturbation material, and encourage her to succeed as a human being.

props. :]
Wtf is that chick wearing? Is that even legal? God, she's such a Miley Cyrus.

Booty shorts? Your girlfriend came to your grad in booty shorts? Honey, she's a Miley.

by fuckinngggskanks:] December 22, 2008
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