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The day and title of a mass-murder committed by President George W. Bush and the Republican party to further their political agenda. The day 3000 innocent lives were ended so that the rest of America would have their rights and privacy stripped away, to protect them from the "terrorists", which are really the American politicians themselves.
9/11 was simply put, a pulled trigger for the War on Terrorism; if every American were more critical in their decision making instead of swallowing the shit of their dumb-ass president, maybe this conspiracy could be brought to light. but its too late now, isn't it? No one cares anymore, its "history". May Bush burn in hell with Condolezza Rice, Dick Cheny and the rest of the Republicans. Osama may be somewhat evil, but he's nowhere close to how bad (or stupid) our good fucking friend mister Bush is.
by fuckamerica123 April 22, 2008

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