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The real champions of super bowl XL(40)
The Seahawks whooped the steeler's asses, but the refs ruined the game
by ftblplya1 February 04, 2006

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A japenese rapper with songs such as, "I'm using this cameras to take pictures of your momma" and "You can't cap me 'cause your big american penis gets in the way."
50 yen:
i'll take yu tu the asian store
I'll let you lick my sweet and sour pork
I won't give you a fork
I'll make you eat it with a spork, woah!

I'll take you to the asian mall
My wiener may be small,
and i'm not that tall
but i'll pown you all, woah!
by ftblplya1 January 14, 2006

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a log cannon is my ass. It is a cannon for logs.
person 1: how did you fire that poop 20 feet!
person 2: my ass is a log cannon
by ftblplya1 December 21, 2005

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a really really big number
idiot: I did 1,837,738,825,586 push ups yesterday
normal person: no dumbass, you can't do more than 10 girl push ups. 1,837,738,825,586 is a really really big number
by ftblplya1 January 17, 2006

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