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1.A misconstrued hearsay of the word czech. In the mentioning "He's Czech." by the self proclaimed "cool" bastard child of the monstrosity of modern culture as he was referring to a russian hockey player in a slurred fashion, after drinking a lemon flavored alchoholic beverage. Thusly, the mindless sheep known as this individual's friends continued to preach the meaning of deck, being deck, and how to act deck. This eventually led to a women in a starbucks continually saying "deck" on her cellphone, which was overheard by a man, which told his girlfriend, which told her hair dresser, which told a woman who is the sister of the girl who dated with the second cousin of the guy who cleans the pool of one of the editor's of entertainment weekly's secretary's brother in law. Which comes to the point where people too concerned with how people conceive them as cool or not, start excreting this one of many irritating buzz words from their noise holes, to sound self important and original.

2.A platform upon a ship.
I'm so deck because I drive this SUV, and talk on my cellphone with Joe while I watch a movie... making me swerve three lanes over going 20mph under the speed limit.
by frugal joe January 5, 2004
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1.Religion, or faith acknowledging the supreme being known as geetch to command the armies of the holy goose to conquer the disease of the world known as society.

2.person or persons who are void of reason or logic, in the nature of a beast in a man's body.

3.Affected with madness; insane.

4.King of the bastards.

Law- A crime againts nature and mankind alike.
Christianity- Any of the three separate individualities of the Father, Son, and Holy goose, as distinguished from the essence of the Jeb that unites them.
Don't piss him off, or he'll pull a geetch on your car with a bat.
by frugal joe January 3, 2004
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plural form of derdongoid


1.Person who goes to www.urbandictionary.com to define their first name as cool, awesome, a lady killer, or sexy. But is actually perpetually trying to overcompensate for insecurity issues.

2.dumbass; one who practices the craft of dumbassery.

3.One who describes ones self as original or as an individual, though is a blatant conformist.
The majority of forum/chatroom fodder are nothing more than a society of derdongous.
by frugal joe January 3, 2004
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