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French-The sun


A very velupsious girl and pretty. Can be jealous but not overly jealous. Is a tease, if you are trying to "get some" from a Soleil think again you might have to wait until marriage. Can be very violent. Dont get her mad cuz she can knock you out. Doesnt have the best choice of people that she hangs out with but she doesnt judge. Older men are usually attracted to a Soleil. Soleil's usually dont look their age, they look about 2 or 3 years older. Likes long term relationships,can fall for someone very easily. Ususlly perfers carmel colored guys. Never dates anyone her own age even though she might find them attractive.
Guy 1-did your girl give it up yet?
Guy 2-heck naw shes such a Soleil!
by frika frika fresh April 28, 2009

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A cracker and a nigga combined. Normally this word is tryin to explain a certain type of half bread(black and white), except it is using the "raciest" terms for these words:
guy 1-is one of yo paretns black and the other white?
guy 2-ya?
guy 1-so you a crigga?!
by frika frika fresh April 28, 2009

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