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A snuck up is a person who is sneaky, stuck up, who loves cheat others. They will attempt to do everything they can to cause trouble. This a nicer way of saying that they act like a bitch or bastard as they act condescending when they know they can get away cheating. It can be used as a question. This would be used to say why are you so ill behaved today.

Also can be labeled sneaky stuck up bitch(female) or sneaky stuck up bastard(male) or sneaky stuck up animal(like a badger) or sneaky stuck up group.
An example of this in talk is when talking about how Mr. Barrow hid Robert Crawley the Earl of Grantham's dog in a shed. He does this to cause trouble and turmoil. In the end he ends up seeing how wrong he was for acting this way.
"That person was so snuck up."
"Mr Barrow in Downton Abbey finally stopped being snuck up once he saw the ill of his ways"

Like this example: Mr. Sherlock Holmes was acting snuck up and Dr. John Hamish Watson called him out on it.
"Sherlock why are you being so snuck up?"
" My dear Watson I was merely showcasing this interesting new word."
by frenchmeatpie May 22, 2016
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